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Rebecca (Brown) Dimedio

Rebecca grew up in Pittsburgh surrounded by people who owned small businesses.  Her Grandfather owned Siviter Printing in East Liberty and Great Uncle owned and ran US Products Co.  They all talked about the businesses at the dinner table.  Her older brother and she would play hide and seek in the warehouse when they came to visit USP.  It was a way of life for their family and is cinched in by the memories.

Rebecca went away to college in West Virginia and lived in Philadelphia and South Carolina but came home to be closer to family when she had her first child.  Her son, Dempsey is the Logistics Manager and daughter Madeleine, who recently graduated from Chatham, is the Administrative Services and Marketing Manager.

COVID-19 has hit the economy and made it difficult to “do business as usual”.  During Rebecca’s tenure at USP, the company has worked hard to reduce shipping times from 6 weeks to 2-4 business days and to call each customer and thank them for their business. Her business model is that relationship building is at the heart of each order!  Please feel free to contact her and let her help you do business.


Logistics Manager
Dempsey Dimedio

USP would like to introduce you to Dempsey DiMedio. He is the son of our Owner, Rebecca DiMedio, grandson to our previous Owner, Leland C. Brown.  Dempsey grew up in Aspinwall, PA, right outside the city of Pittsburgh. He graduated from Temple University in 2018 with a degree in Geography and a professional certification in Geographical Information Systems.  After college, he worked in deconstruction and contracting jobs until coming to US Products Co. September 2019. He now works in both the office and on the warehouse floor, where he is being cross trained in all things lapping.

Since then, he has jumped right into the business.  He received an OSHA Certification, Forklift Certification, and a IATA Shipping clearance. As the Logistics Manager and future owner of USP, he understands the need for fast turnaround times and building relationships with both existing and new customers. He is always willing to go the extra mile and work with the rest of the employees to fulfill orders, both large and small, to ensure fast shipping and excellent customer service! In his spare time, he loves Flyfishing, Camping, biking, and exploring the foothills of Western Pennsylvania.


Brand Ambassador
Jamey Wojtaszek

We're proud to have the Director of Instruction from the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School as Brand Ambassador for the Gun Cleaning line from US Products Co. Jamey brings nearly 20 years of gunsmithing and Firearms Industry experience to the table and is a wonderful addition to the USP Team.

Jamey is a graduate of West Allegheny Schools and a former student, turned educator at the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School.  He has three children, Hunter, Winnie, and Sophie. In his free time, Jamey likes to camp, hunt and is our #hashtag king.  He is famous in the office for #pewpew!  Jamey is a great addition to our team, and we are excited for our future business endeavors.


Administrative Services & Marketing Manager
Maddie Dimedio

USP would like to introduce you to Madeline DiMedio.  She is the daughter of our Owner, Rebecca DiMedio, granddaughter to our previous Owner, Leland C. Brown.  Maddie is the driving force behind creating and updating USP’s logo and all the new, amazing marketing materials.

Maddie is a graduate of Fox Chapel School District and a recent graduate of Chatham University with her degree in Psychology. Maddie is furthering her education by attending graduate school out of state and is working part-time, remotely.  She is the Dog Mom to Miles, a sweet rescue.  Maddie is an avid hiker and flea marketer.  She does amazing DIY and gardening projects.   She is an integral part of our team, and we are excited to introduce you to her.


Director of Production
Patrick Shemenski

Patrick was born in the Pittsburgh region, the brother to seven siblings. A graduate of Springdale Highschool and an avid Pittsburgh sports fan, Patrick loves to relax and watch the Steelers, or Pirates win, any chance he gets. Patrick has been with US Products Co. for 32 years.  He knows how to make all of our products and we would be lost without him.  Patrick is an invaluable source of information for USP and is always willing to talk to customers about what they may need.


Director of Operations
Anjelica Derian

Anjelica Derian is the Director of Operations at United States Products Co.  She joined USP in July of 2020.  She is from Pittsburgh, growing up in the northern regions of the Pittsburgh area.  Anjelica is a graduate of North Catholic High School, and her post-secondary education includes Point Park and Chatham Universities.  Anjelica is our office dog, Phoenix’s, full-time doggy Mom.  In addition to her dog-mom duties, Anjelica is very involved with her family and with her work family at United States Products.

Pheonix the dog.JPG

Company Companion

Phoenix is United States Products Co. Office Dog.  He became part of the USP team in December, 2020 when his mom adopted him from an animal shelter in Ohio and the office wouldn’t be the same without him.

Phoenix’s responsibilities include HR, managing outdoor field trips and snack inventory.  He can be found participating in meetings, snoozing, running zoomies and playing with his other furry friends.  Phoenix would like to add that he will happily accept butt scratches from office visitors, clients, delivery people and pretty much everyone else.

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.15.50 AM.png

Administrative Services & Marketing Manager
Lori Altmeyer

Lori is born and raised in Pittsburgh and a graduate of Montour High School with post- secondary education including CCAC and RMU.  Lori has 10+ years in retail management and is a licensed Realtor in Pennsylvania.  She brings with her passion for helping others and dedication to exceeding customer expectations. 


Our customers appreciate her flexibility, low-pressure sales, patience, ability to listen and hear what their wants and needs are.  She currently resides with her teenage son and French bulldog, Coco.  In her free time, you will find her doing some kind of home improvement project, spending time with family and friends, or enjoying time outdoors.

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