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Contact us with any questions

Please understand that you are agreeing to the following:

Type of Busiess:
  1. Account must be in a retail or commercial location.
  2. Orders accepted by USP from Dealer are assumed to be approved by Dealer Management unless agreed upon otherwise in advance.
  3. Initial Purchase of Dealer Kit is required unless negotiated in advance.
  4. Must order 1 time per year to remain an active Dealer with related Dealer Program Benefits.
  5. All uses of our image, logo and/or protected company information must be approved by USP.

Here are a few additional program benefits:

  1. 30% off of Retail Pricing.
  2. We will add your business to our website as a Participating Dealer with your location information.
  3. USP will promote your business on its social media sites as a Participating Dealer.
  4. USP’s employee’s and Brand Ambassador are available for consultation and training on all products.
  5. Promotional and Marketing Items provided occasionally
  6. Our attendance at Conventions and Gun-related events can offer some cross-marketing opportunities.
  7. Supporting American-made, small business.

Thanks for submitting!

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