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US Bore Paste/Gun Cleaning Oil

United States Products Co. was founded in 1917 as a manufacturer of lapping, grinding and polishing compounds.
What is lapping and polishing? "Lapping is a low speed, low-pressure abrading operation that accomplishes one or more of the following results:*

• Extreme accuracy of lapped surfaces (flat or spherical)
• Close parallelism of double lapped faces
• Extremely close fit between mating surfaces
• Removal of damaged surface and sub-surface layers that may degrade electrical and/or optical properties of the lapped workpiece.
Polishing is just lapping using finer abrasive products.

As we move into the 21st Century, we continue to provide the ultimate in precision finishing compounds for the final polishing of metal, ceramic, plastic and glass workpieces.

*Metals Handbook, Vol. 3, Machining